Uprising – 1.04.22

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11 pax braved the frigid gloom to show for the first Uprising of 2022, boom!

F3 five core principles and disclaimer

Warm a Rama on your own

Workout- Run of Encouragement
We divided up in two groups and ran in opposite directions to the stop sign at Dewey and Wall St and then ran one mile repeats back and forth til time.
Goal was to encourage each other in passing with yells and high fives. It was a fun run and great fellowship!


Lunch Wednesday noon at Jumbo House
Clip Art VQ Thursday at Proving grounds
Fellowship of the Ms starting back up


Encourage those around you and be a beacon of bright light. Thank those that have encouraged you recently. Pay it forward. A little encouragement goes a long way and May really make someone have a better day!


To all the PAX and families with Covid. Quick healing.

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