Uprising – 01.05.2021

A new record this morning for a birthday #uprising!!!
@2Buck @Pancreas @Operation @Three’s Company @Timeshare @Chowdah @Dizzy Gillespie @Joey Freshwater @Snooki @Cross-Stitch(FNG)
@Fertile Myrtle and YHC
For @Fertile Myrtle ‘s 40th birthday today, and to recognize that it’s Georgia Special Runoff Election today, we (by we I mean I) decided to politician up Karen Bertha today (hence the KB special!). For most it was the first opportunity to go up backwards, and it was difficult. Pax focused on the physical and mental challenge, while speed was not a priority. Everybody made it and are excited to do it again soon! @Operation even was able to PR, great job buddy

Thursday black ops @Rudolph ‘s crib at 11:30am- BYOLunch for the event.

@Chowdah’s in-law grandparent passing from covid
@Kwame’s grandma with health scare
@Dizzy Gillespie’s oldest 2.0
PSA: I need to have a system for remembering all the prayer requests, I apologize if I forgot any. What I do know is that God hears you, so we got that going for us, which is nice…

Moleskin- Romans 5:21 states “as sin reigned in death,  grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

It’s amazing to realize that we are able to quickly go from despair to eternal hope knowing that although Adam and Eve brought about death by their actions that Jesus brought eternal life by forgiving our sins. How awesome to have that type of backing behind us and with us!

SYITG, Mayor Kwame

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