Tribute – 2.22.22

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Count: 5
Standard disclaimers.
Conditions: Raining, wet but warm at 60 degrees.
Back BACs
Low and slow squats
Good mornings

The Thang: Cornelius For Time
5 Rounds:
388 Meter Run
50 Meter Bear Crawl
26 Iron Mikes single count
26 Toes to Rig
26 Burpees
My dad Cornelius was a quiet man, that loved God and served his fellow man well. He passed away Sept 19, 2021, at 78 years old leaving behind Betty Andres his wife of 53 years, his sons Stacey and Kerry, and his daughter Kristi.
He was a man that gave the shirt off his back. Regardless of when he was needed or who needed his help, he was always available.
388 meters times 5 is as close as I could really get to the year he was born, 1943. 50 meter BC becuase he was never afraid of hard work. And the 3 excercises with 26 reps each equal his age when he passed away.
Franklin Convergence this Saturday February 26th
F3SH Cannonball Run March 5th

Prayer Request:
· Russina/Ukraine
Mole Skin:
In Church right now we are going through a study in the book of Jonah and the series is called “Running From Your Life.”
Over the past number of years, Jonah has become one of my favorite books of the Bible along with Job.
Like Jonah, God has placed a very specific call on each of our lives.
We are either moving toward that call and being obedient or we are moving away from that call in disobedience. Sometimes our obedinace is intentional sometimes it is not. Either way, it is wrong and sinful.
In Jonah 1 we see that Jonah is very intentionally running away from the call to go to Nineveh. Jonah does not want to see God be gracious to these people because they have always been enemies of Israel.
In Jonah’s case, God had to intervene in a pretty significant way to get Jonah back on track. Hopefully, with us, it won’t take those extremes. Hopefully, we will notice the small nudging’s that God is prompting us with and that it does not need to get quite as dramatic as it did with Jonah.
If you have not done this in a while, I want to encourage you to take some time to reflect on something God is calling you to. How are you responding? If you are not moving toward that calling why is that? If you are running from that calling what is it you don’t want to see or have happen? What can you do to bring that call and your response and your life in alignment with God?
God is so faithful even when we are not. I encourage you to look for those gentle nudges He is using to move you into a deeper relationship with Him.
Take a knee.
I appreciate the opportunity to lead today and hang out with my brothers. Thank you for helping me honor my dad.
SYITG, Hot Mic Out!

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