Tribute – 12.7.21

Pearl Harbor Remembrance 12•7•41

@Honeybee @Commodore @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Pancreas @Operation @Tiny Dancer @Soul Glo @Oscar Mayer
Q- @Jalisco
F3 credo
BAC you n cadence 15
Bac bacs in cadence 15
Cherry-picking 5
Good Mornings 5
SSH is n Cadence 41
Q announce 2403 Americans died on Pearl Harbor and we will honored every single soul today, is 2403 seconds in 40:03 minutes and we will not stop the grind.
Till time
~12 close grip Merkins
~7 power cleans coupon
~41 coupon swings
~12 close grip merkins
~7coupon backsquats
~41 coupon swings
~12 lose grip merkins
~7 overhead press
~41 coupon swing
It was some complaints about the coupon swings and Q call for a break…
Break =7squats & 41 burpees OYO
20sec count per @Commodore and
Start Panama from Van Halen and we keep rolling those swing coupons
1 minute left, 7burpees
Count off , Nameroama

@F3-Mary Ann toy donation dead line this Friday contact help k to arrange the delivery place.
SH Christmas parade check the channel and contact @2nd F Kwame for updates and keep the eye on the weather could be some changes.
@Corncob meal train still some spots let's help our brother during his recovery time.
@Commodore  friend in Virginia (covid) for prompt care and his family during this hard unknown time.
@Honeybee  eye surgery and M health.
All the families that lost a member on Pearl Harbor.
All the pax that are dealing with sickness and injuries to come back soon.
When Pearl Harbor happened it was A Moment  that change the entire world.
What is your moment?
Be prepared on your world, physically we daily prepare ourselves for the adversity, what about spiritually. Don't wait for the moment to come to you in surprise be ready to fight that moment and change your own world (work, home friendships, daily life)
Never Forget Pearl Harbor
@Jalisco Out

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