Tribute – 1.25.22

Tribute to honor Spicoli and Snoop (fallen F3 Franklin PAX)12 PAX: @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Casanova @Thin Mint @Soul Glo @Singlet @Blackout @Aflac @Peewee (TRAPP) @Night Light @Cancunderoos @O’Douls
QiC: @Pancreas
Intro/F3 Mission & Principles/Disclaimer
General Pancreas Prancercise
This Q was inspired partly by @Tiny Dancer‘s Good Friday Black Ops Q in 2020 in which he encouraged us to carry a heavy object for a long distance to identify with the weight Jesus endured as he carried his cross to Golgotha. I carried a 40# bag of garden soil and it was a very memorable and meaningful experience due to the physical, mental, and spiritual challenge.
The Thang
PAX carry two full-size coupons (one in each hand, representing Spicoli and Snoop) around the track, repeatedly. 2 coupons for 2 miles, or until time. Each lap around the main Harvey Park loop is about .3 miles, so we estimated it would take 6.5-7 laps to hit 2 miles.
Instructions from QiC:
  • This Q is in memory of Spicoli and Snoop, two men who lived for Christ and left behind families – wives and children
  • First lap must be done in silence, reflecting on the following questions:
  • What and who are you living for?
  • Who would you leave behind if you died?
  • With whom do you need to make amends?
  • With whom do you want to share the Gospel?
  • After the first lap, connect with one or more HIMs to share about these things and discuss:
  • What has God been doing in your life/heart? (If more comfortable, ask how 3rd F has been growing)
  • Keep discussion to meaningful topics and not just goofy mumblechatter
  • Encourage each other to persevere with the Q
To my knowledge, nobody completed the entire 2 miles, but a many HIMs completed 5 laps and others 4+ laps. T-Claps to all of you for your hard work and perseverance! This wasn’t a strenuous cardio or leg-intensive workout, but very challenging on the upper body, as well as mental endurance. Hopefully the PAX grew in all 3 F’s as a result.
  • GrowRuck27 is coming – last weekend in April. We’re encouraging large participation for the event, but we will also need PAX to step up to serve and support. This is a large event that will require contribution from many in order to be successful. Start considering now how you will be involved. Participating, serving, or both!
  • Cannonball Run 2 is Saturday, March 5th! Be on the lookout for details or ask @Heidi (1st F Q)
  • @Singlet – praise for heart change, marriage and family progress. God is working. Continued prayers appreciated.
  • @O’Douls – relationship with son and continued progress
  • @Soul Glo – two young nieces sick with flu and Covid
  • @Casanova – extended family in turmoil over specific issue, prayers for heart(s) to turn back to God
*I forgot to give the 3rd F disclaimer. No FNG’s today, but still. Something to remember.
The weight of the cinder blocks was heavy, awkward, even painful at times. Yet it was only a small indicator of the weight of the cross Jesus carried, and especially the weight of the sin of the world that He bore for us. As Spicoli and Snoop were passionate about Christ, I want us to consider this illustration of another way to look at Jesus as Lord.
When we come to faith in Christ, we often say, “I invited Him into my heart.” Imagine a home analogy. I invite Jesus into my home. He is now welcome here. But those certain rooms or closets, He cannot have access to. I want to keep those for myself. Over time and sanctification, I allow him access to all rooms and spaces in my home. I even give Him a seat at my table. Following more spiritual progression, I grant Him the best seat at the table, or even in the entire house. “Here, Jesus, you get the best seat in my house!” And yet, there is potential for us to stop there…and it is only when we come to the important realization that Jesus is not only Lord, but He is our Land Lord (not trying to be cheesy). It’s not my house to begin with – it belongs to Jesus. When we get to the place of total surrender and acknowledgement that Jesus owns our life and everything we have, that is when profound spiritual growth takes place and we become most effective for Christ. The Greek word for followers of Christ is actually doulos, translated as slave, not even a servant. But as grateful tenants and slaves of Christ, we find joy, purpose, and effectiveness for His kingdom.
It was a blessing to lead this AO today and to be your brother. You men inspire me daily! SYITG, Pancreas

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