TRAPP – 9/2/21

@Billy Madison – Q
10 HIM illuminated the pre-dawn gloom at Preservation Park with their headlamps and shiny dispositions!
Present and running were @Jalisco , @Blackout , @2Buck , @Timeshare , @PrimeTime Kwame , (who was not enthused with my Ohio State polo,) @Paperboy , @Cross-Stitch (who probably hated it as well,) @Winger (Bill Diebenow) , @Oscar Mayer and YHC on Q, (as stated.)
Thang – 20 min out into trails – all on same path for safety – 20 min back; rendezvous on Sunrise for COT. Several PAX finished a few minutes before the turtle powered 6 (YHC) made it back and voluntarily engaged in either hill repeats on Sunrise or air squats and mumblechatter.. 5 min to spare on my return to the PAX; circle Mary ‘til time:
(not necessarily in this order..)
– Plank holds: PAX count off 20
– LBCs x 15?
– bananas (low boat holds)
– merkins x 20
– Beacon Hill this Friday
– Kwambine this Saturday
– check Slack for details on these and myriad other goings-on..
Moleskin: STUDY (Q-1.11)
in preparation for Beacon Hill:
As I read Dancing Idiot’s Q Source summation on the subject of Study, I discerned 3 distinct parts:
Part 1 – Daily Exploration Into The Foundations Of Faith The Acceleration of Faith requires a belief system – especially to be effective as a leader, as we are all, as men, required to be for our families and/or in our role with our Mammon. The difference maker, as we have discussed, is the recognition and adherence to prescribed guardrails.
Part 2 – The point is made that faith takes many forms inclusive of the worlds known religions with their respective source material. This portion draws the most straight forward look at the relationship between a man’s faith and the study of its source material.
Part 3 – Additionally, the deep dive is possible when considering the faith of one man and it’s popular and understood meanings and parameters, (more specifically the “What-What”,) can be considered in contrast to a less popular brand of faith, (such as the naturalist tendencies ascribed to by Bob Dylan.) The long and short of it is that the man who takes the time to be learned in his faith has a more meaningful connection to it and a deeper engagement in relationship with God.
In other words, it’s easy and good to have a faith the one can call his own in community with others and God. It is another matter altogether to be knowledgeable in that faith so that when he speaks about it and practices it in his life according to the 2nd “what” he has a base of knowledge on which to pronounce his faith.
“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” – Morpheus, The Matrix
Prayer Requests:
– lifting up our brothers who are DR for a variety of reasons
– @Night Light ; 2.0s / M health and well being
– @Chowdah – Community Outreach ; M health and well being
– @Tiny Dancer ; family in Houma impacted by Ida
– many others who have been posting requests for prayer on Slack
– the people of Waverly, TN in the aftermath of the flooding..
Thank you for the honor and privilege to lead you at my favorite AO, men!
Forgive the omission of any relevant details from yesterday’s COT – I admit to approaching the responsibility in a much more relaxed way this time. It was nice to enjoy the experience with less stress about things being all planned to perfection. However, I neglected to take sufficient notes at COT and was unable to capture namarama, as is tradition because I left my phone behind. (Thanks to @Jalisco for loaner for pics.) These things said, I hope everyone enjoyed the post as much as I did!
– Billy

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