TRAPP – 5.06.22

Little Boats Beatdown
24 HIM set out on a journey that would stretch their lungs and fatigue their legs!  We moseyed to a central location somewhere between the water tower hill, sunrise hill, and gravel hill.
PAX – @Pancreas @Peewee @Joey Freshwater @ToeJam @MapQuest @slinky @Baby Gap @Billy Madison @Timeshare @Soul Glo @Flash Dance(Flashdance @Jalisco @Yo-Yo @Kwame @Three’s Company @Dizzy Gillespie @Dippin' Dots @Chowdah @Sully @diplo @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @Bogo @Free Fallin YHC @2Buck

This would be home base for the morning where we would play “Merkin in the middle”. Each pass through this area required 10 merkins.
This confluence of hills provided the perfect setting for the beat down. It would be an AMRAP as prescribed below:
Water Tower Hill – 30% effort up, 20 American Hammers at the top. Mosey down
10 Merkins
Gravel Hill – mosey down, 5 burpees, 60% effort up
10 Merkins
Backside of Sunrise Hill- 90% effort up, 15 squats, mosey down
10 Merkins
Repeat for time

Mosey back to the parking lot for COT
Highlights for the Q
– @Pancreas charging up Sunrise Hill. So good to have you feeling better
– @slinky just being there!  The Modesto CA vibe was strong this morning
– @MapQuest asking if cursing was allowed.
– Seeing lots of guys with their hands on their knees. It was great suffering with you all!
– @Three’s Company being so slick in Name-O-Rama
– @Kwame meandering through the field to round his mileage up
– @Chowdah and @Jalisco “one-upping” him with a couple more miles of extra credit!

– Open house continues this week. EH the Sad Clowns!
– Casting crowns set up – see @Chowdah
– Black ops in @Kwame ‘s neighborhood
– Same in @Foosball ‘s

Prayer requests
– @Dizzy Gillespie has a new work schedule is impacting his family life
– @Sully M has surgery on Tuesday
– @Pre-K shoulder surgery
– @Stag’s back
– Open house success

The other little boats
Mark 4: 35-36
The disciples were with Jesus in the boat and cried out to him to save them. Their struggle and cry for help ended up benefiting the other little boats in the sea.
When you are going through a struggle know that you are not alone and that the way you cry out to Christ and rely on his power can have a profound impact on those around you (the other little boats). As you rely on Christ’s strength to overcome your struggle, also ask him to let your story be a blessing to others.
COT ended with the PAX linking arms while YHC prayed over the prayer requests. This symbolized the strength we can provide for each other during our storms and how when one falters, the rest of us are there to support him!
Crying out In the boat with you,

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