TRAPP 4.29.21

16 HIM (including 3 FNGs) got better Thursday morning by TrailRunning at Preservation Park. They showed up and were TRAPPed. @Dizzy Gillespie@Joey Freshwater @Jalisco @MaryAnne @Peewee FNG Matt (crush) @Kwame @Cross-Stitch @Yo-Yo @Hot Mic FNG Julian (Jackie Moon) @Three’s Company @Bogo @ToeJam FNG Robert (Rainman)

We warmed up with some SSH, Willie Mays Hays, hacky sacks, and low slow squats. @Kwame complained that we took 5 minutes to warm up so we abandoned the cause and took to the trails.

Objective: run up sunrise hill and through the woods for 20 minutes and back the same way you came.

Wouldn’t ya know it but we all made it back o sunrise hill with 5 minutes to spare. Couldn’t let @Kwame not get his money’s worth so we did a lap around the crest of the hill and back to the top again.

Prayer requests
@ToeJam is battling an ongoing issue with a nerve in his foot that causes a lot of pain. His daughter as well
@Joey Freshwater’s oldest 2.0
@Yo-Yo’s M dealing with headaches

God constantly and intentionally paints the sunrise. He also intentionally and meaningfully created you. What areas of you life are you neglecting that require diligence and intention?

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