TRAPP – 11.18.21

11 PAX did the hard thing and came out to run in the mud and muck and the rain at TRAPP this morning.
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Combined disclaimer and warmo-ram-a:  “Do squats while I talk.”
My knee has been giving me trouble the last few days and I was unsure how well I could run, so I just called for a 20 minute out-n-back on your own.  Most everyone ran together anyway, and we met back up at the flag for COT.
@Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) is starting up the new weighted/sandbag focused AO TOMORROW!  Be at Evans Park at 0530.
SATURDAY is the launch of F3 Muletown in Columbia.  Be there.  We'll have clown cars heading down so we can all ride together.
@MapQuest will be starting up a new running AO in Dec.  More details to come.
@Jalisco son
@Chowdah – Community Outreach M and niece
@Cosmo family friend who's son has been kidnapped
I had a moleskin prepared for today, but as I was running I felt compelled to talk about something else as well, so I did both of them.  I apologize for preaching a sermon in the rain.
Don't Stop!
I once saw a talk where Admiral William H. McRaven (author of Make Your Bed) recounted a time when his Navy Seal team was dropped off in a small boat, in the middle of the night, at the wrong location.  By the time they realized it their transport was gone. They were literally in the middle of a shark breeding ground, where a major river ran into the ocean creating incredibly strong currents.  They had no way to call for help and were in danger of being swept out to sea where they would most likely never be found. Their only option was to start rowing against the current and try to stay within view of the shoreline until the sun came up and search parties could find them.  For around 9 hours these men rowed, staying in place and not going anywhere.  Every man on that boat knew that if he stopped rowing the men beside and behind him would stop as well, and they would be swept out to sea, so no one quit.
This morning we started our run heading up Sunrise Hill, where I noticed that we all have a tendency to stop once we get to the top.  Whether we're celebrating a PR, catching our breath, taking a pic, or waiting on the six, we always seem to stop at the top of that hill instead of continuing on with our run. Whether it's the hills we climb at the TRAPP, or the hills we climb in life, don't stop at the top.  In F3 we leave no man behind.  That doesn't mean you stop and wait on the six, it means you turn around and meet him where he's at and help him get up that hill you just topped.
What's Your Story?
I heard a sermon this past Sunday where the pastor talked about the time Jesus came to the island and found a demon possessed man living in the hills.  He cast the demons out into the pigs, who ran into the ocean.  The local villagers then came to Jesus and asked him to leave (out of fear).  The healed man asked to go with Jesus, but He told him to go back home and tell his story.
Throughout his ministry, Jesus returned to this place a handful of times, and each time the villagers were more and more receptive to Him, ultimately having crowds coming to hear Him speak.  All because that one man stayed behind and told his story.
Jesus has called us to be witnesses, not defense attorneys. A witness is someone who tells what he has seen and experienced first hand. You don't have to be able to explain the bible, why cancer exists, or whether or not there were dinosaurs on the Ark.  Just tell your story, and how you have seen God show up in your life.  This is something I have always struggled with, because I didn't know the all answers or couldn't fully explain things.  I need to remember to just tell my story, what I've seen and experienced.
SYITG, Heidi

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