TRAPP – 10.28.21

PAX in attendance: @Peewee (TRAPP), @Heidi (1st F Q), @MapQuest, @Winger, @Chowdah – Community Outreach, @Billy Madison, @MaryAnne, @Blackout, @Procter
The Thang: Landmark and hit combo. Mosey out to baby gap gap on the low side, 20 burpees, continue to the barn down gravel hill, 20 jump squats, leaders collect the group and push back to baby gap gap, crest sunrise hill, partner jumps and merkins, mosey back to start, Mary till time
Prayer requests:
@Heidi (1st F Q) and M, @MapQuest meal train reminder
@Oscar Mayer, healing
@MaryAnne Job interview
Need Q for Trapp next week
Working on Saturday wear pink,
Gauntlet next Saturday
Maryanne Toy drive
TN Tussle need 1 more for a team
Volunteers for day of
Proctor heads up – Black ops Benson tomorrow
In the military they teach light discipline because a little light can draw the enemy from miles. It’s an amazing feat, when you think how powerful a little light is in the darkness. This though struck me based on the song “let the light in”, chorus that’s stuck with me since hearing it; Open up the window let the light in; thinking of military and drawing enemy, this hits hard this time of year because the darkness is ever present. So negativity can sweep into our lives. We are in a battle men, and we have to keep the light in and keep shining it for others around us, and when we do we will draw others out of the darkness, we will draw them to the light and the positive life that is life with god.
Prayer: dear lord, we thank you for showing us the power of your light. we ask you continue to provide us strength and power much as is the light and be with us day in and day out. We pray you provide your guidance and blessing that you continue to be bringing these men from the darkness of the night and that we be a light for others to come to, for all things are possible in your name. We ask these things in your holiest name, amen.

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