The TRAPP, Bye 2020 – 12.31.2020

7 hardened HIMs put their trust in the hands of the least qualified individual to lead them on an unmarked route through some random neighborhood of Spring Hill.
@Timeshare @Bogo@Pancreas@Kwame@Three’s Company@Peewee and YHC congregated at the McDonalds parking lot and slowly trudged our way away from the sweet smell of McGriddles and cheap coffee
Despite the promise of a road run YHC started the unofficial part of the run through hyper-soaked green space.  Once our socks and shoes were adequately drenched we started our GPS tracking watches (except @Peewee who was winding up his Casio and @Pancreas who was attempting to hit the start button on his baggie wrapped iPhone) and started the first ever F3SH NYE parade.
The run took many a twist and u-turn with the HIMs taking turns guessing what the route would draw/spell.
“@Heidi  is a chump”
“A portrait of Big Bertha”
“I heart F3”
“A picture of the @Kwame mobile”
All were good guesses but it would take a total of 5 miles before the routes identity would be revealed.
The route master was kind enough to make sure porta-potties were placed on the route to accommodate @Pancreas’s over-active and predictable bowels.
As the route came to an end it was evident that we had all been refined by the gloom. No longer were we tip-toeing around puddles, or pointing them out to our fellow HIMs. NO!!  We plowed right through those thigh deep road rivers and embraced the challenge of our run turning into a ruck with 30#s of rain soaked gear.
The route ended about 0.5 miles away from our cars so we held a mobile COT.
– Tomorrow is the emergence of the convergence resurgence. Arrive early at #fort-pain for a 6am buffet of brutal beat downs.
join us this Saturday at #the-armory for a beat down composed and directed by @Dizzy Gillespie
ever wondered if you could “be all that you could be?”  Wanted to find out if you were “always ready, always there” for any challenge?  Maybe your goal in 2021 is to “aim high.”  If so then come out to #murphmonday for a special armed forces PT led by @Three’s Company. He promises only “the few, the proud” will be able to walk away with their heads held high.
Prayer Requests:
@Bogo parents and brother dealing with Covid.
@2Buck father in law continues to struggle with Covid and is resistant to being seen or helped
Philippians 4:11-13
In summary, Paul is saying he has learned to be content in all circumstances.
As the world waits for 2020 to end there is a lot of false hope that turning the calendar will result in a change of circumstances.  There is only one who is unchanging and faithful. Only one who will never leave us. Only one who sticks closer than a brother. As the date flips, make sure your hope is not grounded in your circumstance because they are ever changing and ever disappointing.
Place your hope in Jesus.
Thank you for trusting me to lead you blindly through the streets this morning. I am better for it because of each of you.
@2Buck out!
bYE 20,
All of F3SH

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