The TRAPP – 8.27.2020

5 HIM challenged the trail and won today.

@Kwame @Peewee @Three’s Company @Gremlin and YHC
3.88 miles that started in the dark, and we got to see a beautiful sunrise on the way.

@Kwame and @Typo Positive are trying to get a group together for 2021 to do a Rugged Maniac 5k OCR. I’ve done one before and they’re a ton of fun. I need to work out logistics but I hope to join.

Our country.
@Kwame family with the passing of his wife’s grandfather.
School meeting again.
Praise that @Three’s Company kids tested negative and are back to school soon.
My kid sleeping so I can get back to life.

Closing thoughts
I am so thankful for this group of men and the community that it is. I genuinely believe that I’m a better man now after being a part of this group for almost a year. Iron sharpens iron.

The gloom is so strong in my life right now and while I absolutely haven’t given up, I have backed off on attendance due to life getting hard. And yet every time I come out I’m thankful that I did. If you’re drifting away, attending less (like I am), please stop and consider what you really get from this group. Don’t let yourself drift too far or you might find yourself disconnecting altogether. Plug back in. If you see someone drifting, reach out to them. Thank you to those who have checked in on me and shared encouraging words. It means a lot.

@Bogo out

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