The TRAPP – 7.23.2020

7 PAX logged some beautiful and brotherly miles – @Kwame @Three’s Company @Foosball @Tubbs @Operation @Peewee and Pancreas filling in as Q for @Bogo.
Started with some strides in honor of Bogo and then ran over the mountains and through the woods, to Tollgate and back. 5 miles total.

@Operation was the web catcher on the run back through the woods where we saw spiders, a turtle, and we saw what appeared to be Bobcat tracks near the railroad tracks.
After finishing, we had some great COT time being vulnerable and real about the pressures of work and being a man. Supporting each other is such a huge part of F3 and our brotherhood!

Prayers offered up for us as men, as leaders, as servants of the Lord. Traveling mercies for @Heidi and @Kwame’s M and 2.0 traveling back from Michigan. Healing for @Three’s Company’s friend Mark and for protection for Three’s family beach trip. 

Praises for @Kwame’s mom and sister who are healing from Covid.

Way to hit the trails, men! Another morning of getting better together!

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