The TRAPP – 4.1.21

@Winger (Bill Diebenow) @sak @Frisbee Buff @Pre-K @Kwame @Tijuana @Peewee @Dizzy Gillespie @Ginsu @Jalisco @Heidi @Foosball @flashdance @Pancreas and YHC
15 HIM showed up, some for a trail run, some for stretching. Most the group hit the trail and got in a 3-4 mile run depending on pace, the rest hung back with @Foosball to stretch.
How on earth was it sub freezing temps again?! Other than the temps it was a pretty standard route around the park, no extra PT, and some of us got back early and joined @Foosball at the end for a stretching sesh.
Accountability matters. I have personally experienced major decline in my fitness when I tried to do it alone. The accountability of F3 has been incredible for me. It only works though if we keep the culture right and continue to EH each other. Keep it up!
Night path is coming up soon, so is gauntlet. I’ll let someone more informed on details post those in #csaup
Safe travels for a few different PAX this weekend
The group doing the tough
There were 2 more but I didn’t write them down and 3 days later I’ve lost them. I apologize for that.
@Bogo out!


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