The TRAPP 3.11.21

 13 HIMs showed up to push themselves both physically and spiritually today.
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FNG Daily Streak continue with Mike, now Voyer! Welcome sir!

Convergence on March 27
Shield Lock groups- speak with Pancreas
The Queen – Starts April 5
13 Mile Ruck – reach out to @Cosmo
Mike F is home and adjusting.
Thang 1
Mosey across the field up the gravel road, down the gravel hill to the gate and re group
Thang 2
Group 1 – Several HIM’s gave it all they had from the gate up the gravel hill and up the grass hill all the way to the top of Sunrise Hill. This pushed our legs and lungs! Congrats to 2Buck, Pewee, and Three’s Company for breaking in to the top 10 on this Strava Segment.
Group 2 – Pushed themselves across the grass field all the way to the paved road and back. Working on some strides, pace, and enjoying the soft grass under our feet.
Thang 3
We regrouped at the gate and traversed up the gravel hill to meet atop Sunrise Hill and then moseyed to the parking to meet up with Fertile Mertile, parking lot merkins, and Pancreas. Thank you both for coming out and thanks @Pancreas for hiking up the hill for some great pictures and motivation!
Jalisco’s wife has a big work project deadline causing some stress in the house. Prayers for him to support her and a positive outcome on her project
Prayers to all the injured PAX
I shared the table of contents from Tony Dungy’s book UNCommon, suggest by @Dipstick, and how the first 50 pages has really opened my eyes to how we spend our time. Fitness, later evening prep for workouts, planning, and all of life’s little tasks. My take away is to be PRESENT and INTENTIONAL when you are with your M and 2.0’s and do complete all my planning on my time so it does not interfere with family or GOD. I mentioned how actually handing my M her cup of coffee instead of my usual post it note saying “enjoy” actually made her almost cry the other morning…because I was PRESENT
Men, have a great Friday and weekend!

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