The TRAPP – 2.17.22

PAX: @Cross-Stitch @Fuller @2nd F Kwame @Billy Madison @MapQuest @Blackout @Joey Freshwater @Peewee (TRAPP)
Q: @Procter
One FNG via @Fuller. He was named Squatter…. name compliments of @Joey Freshwater
Count: 10
Intro & disclaimers
Warm O Rama
Choose your own adventure.
Out and back at your own pace (THE OG TRAPP)
Extended pain camels (working on this name), run from the pole at the bottom of sunrise to the gate at the top of the water tower, rinse and repeat
Encourage everyone to see if they can participate in the Depot Dash 5K to support the Thompson’s Station Community Association (3 F3 Brothers are serving on the board)
Prayer Requests:
@Billy Madison lifted up @Baby Gap for healing of his ankle
Throughout Jesus’s ministry he was challenged constantly by people asking him questions. These questions were often to trap him and set him in opposition to the teachings of the law. In several of the gospels Jesus was asked “what is the greatest commandment?” His response was to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and that the second commandment is like the first to love your neighbor as yourself. The neighbor he’s referencing isn’t literally the people next door, rather anyone we come into contact with daily. We live in a fallen world and this isn’t easy. People let us down, are rude, and sometimes just aren’t good people. It can be hard to love these people, but hard is relative. Jesus while on the cross asked his disciple John to take care of his Mother. He was dying on the cross and was thinking of others…that’s hard. The next time we’re having difficulty loving a neighbor we should consider the example Christ gave us.

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