The TRAPP – 2.04.21

PAX: @Three’s Company @Peewee @Cross-Stitch @Sully @Chowdah @Jalisco @Heidi (aka NOT Pancreas) @Operation @MaryAnne @odouls  and YHC
Another attendance tie to TRAPP thanks to two mew TWAPPERS turned TRAPPERS (way to get uncomfortable Jalisco and Odouls)
Arm circles forward
Arm circles backward
Jumping Ja…I mean SSH
Morning Expectation – Trail run at Preservation Park
Unexpected development – Running circles in the pasture
Follow the Q through the field, along some trails, up the side of a hill and then ultimately to the top of sunrise hill via the back road.  Mixed in push u…I mean Merkins, air squats and lunges as speed bumps.
1 hump pain camels x4 – quick pace down, recover mosie on the way up.
Run back along the gravel road to the starting point. Double back to pick up the six.
Beacon Hill tomorrow at 5:15. Let’s strengthen our 3rd F!!!
@Fertile Myrtle about to rock our collective world at #the-armory this Saturday
@Chowdah is getting alignment on insurance requirements for our trail run fund raiser
. Potentially setting up a separate channel to capture progress and race day needs/opportunities
Prayer requests:
tomorrow is the day for @Jalisco’s el Bebe de la hermana
@2Buck’s M anxiety concerning impending surgery
How to prepare for the expected and unexpected:
Get, live, lead, leave
These are in progressive order for a reason
Get right – Commit to accelerate the 3Fs
Live right – personal alignment
Lead right – continuous sharpening of skills to be an example in family, community, and business
Leave right – this is your legacy
If you know where you want to be when you leave then you have to start by Getting Right.
Today, only I knew where we were going. It was a result of preparation and getting right (fitness). I believe that I have lived a life in front of the PAX to establish your trust so that you follow my lead.  Some day I will leave and I hope to have left an impact on F3SH that there will be others who continue the legacy of running art.
Thank you HIM for letting me lead today.
Always a pleasure.

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