The Trapp – 2.03.22

Pax: @Fuller @Thin Mint
FNGs: 0
Q: @Jalisco
CONDITIONS : chilly weather with minimum visibility
  • Introduction, Disclaimer, Meaning, Core Principles
  • Warmarama
  • Side straddle hops in cadence
  • Good morning OYO
  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Tijuana stretch
  • Thang
Run loops, start left side to the top of sunrise hill then we go down and back to the restrooms fence on the gravel pat, return to sunrise hill and back again we did 3 rounds.
COT to the top of sunrise hill
  • 26th – 10 mile rough neck ruck
  • Beacon Hill this Fri at 5:15
Prayer Requests:
  • @MapQuest family specially his M.
  • Our friend @Billy Madison for wisdom during this time.
We listen a little quote of the power of this words from Jocko
We know and need to learn that every decision we make will have a consequence, with this being said it’s ok to said NO just be aware of the consequence on daily life and it applies the same way for the YES, you know what is right and what is wrong so be powerful to say YES to the positive things and stay strong to say NO to thing that could have a negative impact on life.
Stay strong and ~DFQ ~
Thanks for the effort today and to say No to stay in bed and say YES to the uncomfortable part guys. @Jalisco  out.

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