The TRAPP – 12.24.2020

It was a great Christmas Eve workout at #the-trapp this morning!
@Chowdah @Timeshare @Pancreas @Kwame @Peewee @Operation @Three’s Company and YHC – we also had a first time appearance of my new TRAPP shovel flag! :shovelflag:
Started with 31 SSH and some stretching, and then we took the flag and ran to the top of the hill.

Here everyone was expecting a few rounds of Peewee’s Pain Camel ( :weary: :camel:) but this is Christmas! Everyone knows the manger scene has more animals than that! So we did camels, sheep, and donkeys back to back.

Mosey down the gravel hill and then politician back up

Bear crawl up the main hill

Mosey down the main hill, up the water tower service road, touch the gate, back down, and then back up the main hill. It may not sound like much but that’s a lot of hill.

5 burpees at the end of the set and then repeat until time.

@Kwame has Q on Saturday for the 12 legs of Kwamza
Convergence on Jan 1

@Chowdah with chest problems that need healing
@Operation working with his 2.0s through difficult behaviors
@Three’s Company
All of us to be mindful and present with our families the next few days.

I shared with the group that I often find that on Christmas I am so busy and stressed that I miss most of it, and only really feel it for the last few hours. This year I’m trying to unplug more, and be intentional to mark the moment this morning to start the days off right. I encouraged everyone else to consider doing something fun and different today to mentally shift.

@Bogo out

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