The TRAPP – 11.12.2020

4 HIM gathered for a sneaky-chilly TRAPP this morning.
@Peewee @Three’s Company @Dead Leg Pancreas
Just pure running this morning, nothing else. Up Sunrise Hill, down Gravel Hill, passed Larry, kept going under 840 and turned around shortly after. Took the woods on the way back. Even though it was getting light at that point, @Three’s Company’s ankle met a root for some Twist and Shout. Took the gravel road back to the cars.

24hr marathon starts tomorrow night at 6pm!!
TurkeyPath 5:30am on Thanksgiving
Tonight: Thirsty Thursday and TurkeyPath planning, 7pm at Martin’s BBQ/55 South common area. No IPA’s allowed. :no_entry_sign:

Praise God for @Timeshare’s wife! Great news.
@Bogo and family’s health
@Elmer Fudd’s wife – hospitalized for Covid
@Three’s Company’s ankle
All those affected by Longview’s shutdown
HIM who are sick, injured, or discouraged

Grateful for God’s grace, a new day to live, and for you brothers. Have a great Thursday! SYITG

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