The TRAPP – 10.29.2020

7 HIM went out for a muddy TRAPP this morning: @Peewee @Chowdah @Three’s Company @Timeshare @Joey Freshwater @Pancreas and YHC
We started with some SSH and stretches then hit the trail. 3.6 miles of wet, slippery, muddy grass and trails. It drizzled on us a bit at the beginning but the rain held off the rest of the way. Bonus shout out to @Pancreas for stomping through some puddles and splashing those around him. I love the enthusiasm.

I felt it important to remind everyone that some days (today included) that alarm goes off and I just don’t want to get up. There’s probably a 90% or higher chance that I’d turn the alarm off and go back to bed. But not when I know this group is waiting for me. Don’t forget how important commitment and accountability is in life. It’s a rare thing where people openly commit and hold each other accountable. I always feel better when I come, and I have all of you to thank for that.

Gauntlet is Saturday! Check out the details in the general chat.

Dizzy on Q for Armory on Saturday. I’ll most likely be there because of commitments that prevent me from doing gauntlet.

24 hour marathon is coming up. You all know the details by now and if not DM Kwame.

In December I’m going to do a 6 hour trail run in Franklin at a place called the “murder mile.” It’s a 1-mile loop trail with intense elevation change. I think it’s $55 now and the price goes up to $65 in a few days. I’d love for a few F3SH HIM to come out and do it with me!

Prayer requests
@Timeshare wife waiting to confirm some concerning results from a mammogram
Fires out west

Storms in Louisiana

Miss Piggy (F3 Franklin) and his wife as she battles cancer

Its an honor and privilege to be part of a group like this. @Bogo out.

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