The TRAPP – 10.08.2020

5 HIM went out in the fog and the gloom this morning to get stronger. @Pancreas @Peewee @Lone Star @Chowdah and YHC.
3.15 miles

We started with some SSH and stretching, ran up the hill and through the woods. At this point I remembered that the group skipped the wooded trail when I was out of town… so to make up for lost opportunity we backtracked through the woods to double up! Shout out to @Lone Star who kicked a root and did a miraculous save to keep himself from falling.

Back at the hill we decided to do a few hill repeats and then head home.

Fortification Friday is tomorrow

Armory may be rainy this week (come anyways!)

@Chowdahs mom and in laws having health issues. Recovering now but praying for continued recovery
@Pancreas cousin and aunt to have emotional, mental, and spiritual recovery
I apologize I think there was another that I’m forgetting

Q Notes
I was hurt deeply this morning. @Peewee told us, in the COT no less, that Thursday is usually his “easy day”. Frankly I’m as shocked as you are. I hereby commit to changing his mind next week. You better be there @Peewee!

@Bogo out

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