The TRAPP – 1.28.21

TRAPPed, a-ah
It was back to the cold and wind this morning, after a few warmer days. Time for a VTRAPPQ!
PAX: @Heidi (pre-vac), @Peewee, @Bogo, @Three’s Company, @Dangle, @MaryAnne
QIC: @Operation
While Bogo dug out a spare headlamp for @Dangle,
High knees
Good mornings
Take the “low” route to the railroad tunnel, where 5 PAX partook in the speed challenge: try to PR your 400m time with maximum effort to the bridge before I-840, just over a quarter mile from the railroad tracks. Same back…which was much slower. According to Strava, 2 PAX set 400m PRs, and one PAX set a 2nd fastest 400m time!
Take the “high” trail route through the woods up to sunrise hill, then down the sunrise ascent to the parking lot.
(Forgot to say some of these this morning)
-Claim your Qs for future TRAPPs!
-3rd F starts 2/5, 5:15, Beacon Hill (Sarah Benson park)
-MuscleBeach being led by the OG @Tiny Dancer tomorrow
-I feel like there was something else but @Three’s Company kept getting us off track so I may have forgotten
Prayer requests
-Praise that @Peewee cousin’s newborn, born at 30 weeks, is doing great and gradually needing less assistance
-Praise from @Three’s Company after reflecting on prayers from 2 years ago answered (would love you to post your story in reply to this, 3C, and I think @Peewee)
-Prayers for Bogo to deal with mounting work stress
– For @MaryAnne, who will be taking on a 24-hour running event this weekend, repeating a 5-mile loop with 1,000 ft elevation change
An important part of leadership is humility.
“There is no better test of a man’s integrity than his behavior when he is wrong.”
“To admit that you were wrong is to admit that you are wiser now than you were before.”
A big part is humbling yourself to admit when you are wrong, no matter the relationship. Admitting this to yourself and others internalizes ownership, encourages honesty is those around you, and builds trust in your relationships. Remember there is no one beneath you such that you can’t admit you are wrong to them, even down to a preschooler. Lead by example at home, at work, and in public.
As my old CEO used to say, “If you have to eat crow, eat it while it’s hot.”
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