THE TRAPP – 1.21.21

6 HIM braved the spring-like 40 degree rain moistened gloom for a 3.4 mile (if you started your watch) journey from puddle to puddle to Sully’s Tunnel of pain.
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Good Mornings OYO
LBAC – IC (kinda)
SSH – IC (for real this time)
The plan was to summit sunrise hill at the end in hopes of catching a beautiful sunrise as the rain moved to our neighbors to the east so we started up the gravel road that is supposed to be flat but in fact is not. We stopped at the convergence of the pain camels for a short discussion on downhill running technique.  We set off down the gravel hill toward the oncoming train and transitioned to a Native American Heritage Run until PAX cycled through twice, then on to the The Tunnel of Pain.  @Pancreas served our community well throughout the run by attempting to drain each puddle along the path using the best practice of “puddle stomping”. Thank you for your service!
Upon reaching the tunnel of pain, Half of the group performed Wall Sits in the tunnel while the other half sprinted to “the pole”. Tip for future Qs: When instructing PAX to run to “the pole” while you are wall sitting, be explicitly specific on which pole they are to run to.  Apparently, there is more than one pole in PP and some of them are not in a geographic proximity conducive to wall sits while others sprint to a fro.   Sitters and sprinters swapped so that each got the opportunity to do both twice.
From there we ran back hopping the sun would show itself but we were denied the view this morning.
On my way home one of my 2.0’s texted me and asked how F3 was this morning?  My response:
Cold, rainy and wet, almost perfect!
For those not there, you missed it and we missed you!
2nd F tonight (Thursday) 7pm Martins BBQ
Looking to do some clean up on the road to Bertha
Prayer requests:
@maryanne – prayers for law enforcement and specifically some that he met while out running this week
@Pancreas – Friend Travis who is going through a divorce and opportunity to share his faith
Paul is writing to the Romans
 Romans 1:11-12
11 I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— 12 that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.
As HIM in the AO we do a great job of encouraging each other.  I think that in all areas of our lives whether it be work, family etc., we need to take the time to encourage those around us.
My favorite coffee cup says “nobody cares, work harder”. I do life with that attitude much of the time.  I need to do a better job of supplementing that work ethic with more encouragement with those around me.
We had a great discussion on how it takes courage to encourage those around us.
Have a great day, SYITG

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