The TRAPP – 1.07.2021

A new record was set at #the-trapp this morning! 11 HIM showed up and put out on the cold, windy hill. @2Buck @Joey Freshwater @Chowdah (who was actually a few miles into a pre-run when I got there! Respect!) @Pancreas @Kwame @Snooki @Fertile Myrtle @Dizzy Gillespie @Cross-Stitch @Three’s Company and YHC.
The shovel flag was planted and we started with some SSH and stretches. From there we moseyed up to the top of the hill.


Inspired by our naantans recent reminder of how important it is to not lose the 6, I took it upon myself as your humble Q to discover a mechanism that both allowed the 6 to stay with us while keeping those at the front properly entertained. Every time we crossed an intersection on the trail the group would stop and the ambitious HIM at the front would do extra credit until the 6 came in!

To get the gears grinding on that idea, I made the group do SSH at the top of the first hill until the 6 came in. The first hill is pretty steep, and the trail to get there decently long, and we did about 75 SSH if memory serves. You’re welcome!

First intersection: high knees. Next one: American hammers. Jump squats (a real crowd pleaser!). Big boy sit ups. Mountain climbers. LBCs. There are plenty of intersections.
What’s this? Another twist?! @Three’s Company cries out as he realizes he’s lost his keys in the middle of the trail! A game time decision had to be made, and so a small group who knows the park well split off to help him recover them.

The rest of us made it back to the parking lot right at time. Here the Q did a quick poll and determined that the group was OK with extending a few minutes to give the key-recovery-group a chance to make it back for a combined COT as we could see they were only a few minutes out. So we did rounds of Mary. Here the Q helped educate the group on what Mary was, because the first 2 were burpees and merkins. We all learned something today! Then the key group was in and we shut it down.

Warpath is this Saturday! I hate to miss it as I’ll be out of town.

Armory Saturday

There was a 1st+2nd F opportunity today with @Rudolph but as I’m just now posting this it’s passed

@Chowdah M and her family
Our country with everything going on in DC
@Fertile Myrtle M is WFH and handling kids stuck home for school
@Three’s Company sister and her family
@Dizzy Gillespie personally as he’s been feeling melancholy lately

“Leave no man behind, and leave no man how you found him”
One of my favorite principles of F3 is the community, and how we don’t leave the 6 behind. @Tiny Dancer reminded us of this recently and I also want to challenge you when you Q to consider the 6 and plan for it. When you post, pick up the 6 and encourage them. It doesn’t all have to be the Q. Be tactful of course, but don’t turn a blind eye. You were once them and they benefit greatly from your support.

Today I tried to mix things up so we could both keep the 6 with us AND ensure that those in the front were not decelerating.

Also consider that picking up the 6 can go beyond the first F. You can emotionally and relationally pick up the 6 too. Reach out to each other, check in, see if you can support your fellow PAX in some way. We’re all struggling with something. We all need a kind word and a friendly face from time to time.

@Bogo out!

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