The TRAPP – 07.16.2020

2 HIM fought off the gloom with a 3.8 mile trail run this morning. I was severely tempted to throw the towel in this morning after being up all night with the kid, but I forced myself out anyways and I’m glad now that I did.  @Three’s Company and myself agreed at the beginning that with his legs recovering from #fort-pain and my knee being sore from… something, I’m still not sure what… that we’d do a normal run without extra sprints or hill repeats. So we did our normal route in reverse. It’s strange how different things look in reverse. @Three’s Company and myself both noticed for the first time that the gravel trail we take back is far more inclined than we knew. We both thought it was flat when in fact it’s actually a steady downhill (which meant the reverse was a steady uphill). 
See you out there next time!

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