The Texas Twister – 02.29.2020

9 HIM came out on a chilly 32 degree morning for a beatdown not knowing it was twister season too.
PAX: @Ron Swanson @Tiny Dancer @ragdoll @Kwame @Operation @Cosmo @Pancreas @Joey Freshwater
QIC: @Lone Star

Right at 6AM, QIC was anxious to get started, cued up the tunes, and directed the PAX to mosey. Completely forgetting about the disclaimer.

Warm a rama
Lap with Mucho Chesto stops
5 of each: merkin, diamond merkin, staggered merkins. Thanks to @ragdoll’s good math skills he confirmed it was 20 in total.
As we circled up again QIC attempted to salvage the disclaimer but botched it by ending with “…modify at your own risk.”
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x15
Abe Vigodas x15
Wille Mays Hayes each leg for a few secs
Freddie Mercury’s x10
Iron Mikes x10

It’s time get the coupons!
And since it was the 29th of February making 2020 a leap year, we broad jumped up the sidewalk which led to the coupons. All about the Benjamins
W/ Coupons
Lined up in the parking lot to go down and back with lunges.
25 Curls – 25 Walking Lunges
25 Squats – 25 Walking Lunges
25 Overhead Presses – 25 Walking Lunges
25 Bench Presses – 25 Walking Lunges
Extra credit at the end with 25 weighted Big Boy sit-ups holding coupon up entire time. Moseyed to put coupons back and returned to lot for the next round
De-Constructed Body Builder
Around lot with 4 exercise stops
10 groiners – mode of transportation: Mosey
10 merkins – MofT: Politicians
10 plank jacks – MofT: Duck Walk
10 jump squats with overhead claps – MofT: Mosey
Then we put all of those together to do
10 body builders – MofT: mosey/sprint
This was grueling and brought out lots of mumble chatter as it was 40 of each and last were full fledged burpees with a plank jack.
No one was cold after this round well except Joey’s hands.
Coyote Uglys
Partner Up and get into wheel barrel position and planking partner goes from floor up to table bench, merkin, up to table top, merkin, down to bench, merkin, down to floor merkin.
Flapjack parters and then repeat for 2 rounds each partner. Then for fun we split up and carried two picnic tables around the lot. Well @Kwame mainly played the hype man has he was coincidentally “odd man out for a corner of a table” for the carry
Round of Mary of core exercises:
LBC x20
Alabama Prom Dates x20
Pickle Pounders x10
(This was also when the pax were yelling out to Jeremy for possible FNG recruitment, we may have scared him off when we saw us doing these :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: #SH75 #recruitarama)
J-Lo’s x10
Freddy Mercury’s x10
Flutter kicks x10 last few with arms over headTime’s Up!
* @Joey Freshwater did this from his car truck trying to find another set of gloves to warm his frostbitten hands

We’ll need to EH or sign up to Q the upcoming weeks in March. Kwame has next Armory.
We almost forgot to mention the launch of our new Unnamed AO this coming Wednesday at TS/SB park with 5AM start time. Thanks to @Heidi for leading this charge as the AOQ.

Praying for healing for some the PAX and M’s who are sick or waiting on results/tests to get diagnosis.
Also for each other to remain strong leaders at home and work.

YHC has been doing a lot of reading since lent has begun and one of the subject matters has been vulnerability. Make no mistake that vulnerability in men these days can be seen/viewed as a sign of weakness but it is actually a sign of strength and courage as it takes a lot to step up and out and be vulnerable and uncomfortable. Let’s be men who are not scared to step out. We should not wake up and be comfortable with our being as is, there are always ways to improve in so many different aspect of our lives. We need to strive to be better then everyone else, we don’t need to be better then everyone else but we gotta try. That trying is where our character is built and tested.

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