The Ridge – 01.09.2021

The Ridge – 02 “Giles Corey”  
PAX: @Lone Star (Pre-Vac) and YHC
QIC: @Cosmo
Conditions: Temps in the low 30s, felt like low 20s, minimal wind resistance, overcast skies, zero precipitation.
YHC got loaded up, fist-bumped the 5:30 chumps for good luck, then connected with an early riser @Lone Star. YHC also completely forgot the disclaimer, rookie mistake.
Warm-O-Rama/Welcome Party
YHC has drank the kool-aid and is officially on team #NoStaticStretches, so we dove right into the nitty gritty.
15 Ruck-On SSH IC
15 Ruck Pull Throughs (each pass under was 1/2)
High Knees the parking lot and back
Ruck-on lunges length of parking lot
Sprint length of parking lot
With our body temps rising and the muscles getting active, we sacked up and took off into the night.
Ruck Thang
2.41 miles loop from Armory, through The Ridge, and back to Armory with a special time hack twist. Miles 1 and 2 required a time hack of sub 15mins. Failure to meet the standard resulted in 15 ruck-jump burpees per failed mile. This was some good motivation to keep the pace. @Lone Star had to circle back about .5 miles in so he could Q Armory but YHC was grateful for his company, mumble chatter, and cheerful disposition. Missed ya brother! After that it was all solo work which created its own unique twist. Standard Ridge Rules applied of course: double-time crossing streets. When YHC got to the Dogtrack, made an effort to mosey pace through it before connected back onto the road. New Ridge Rule was ushered in: No one walks on the Dogtrack.
Back at Armory with both timehacks completed, YHC breathed a sigh of relief that burpees would not be served for dessert today. But they were on the menu for the next entree…
Thang 2 – Robbie Miller WOD
Sticking with the theme of the month, Robbie Miller was the continued inspiration for beatdown. Only 6 rounds to fit the time, but this one included the burpees that were absent last week. Everyone loves burpees right?
6 Rounds of Robbie Miller which is…
6 Ruck Rows
6 Burpee squats (Ruckless)
6 4 ct mountain climbers (Ruckless)
6 Get Ups (Ruck-on)
This took YHC approx 15 minutes which was solid timing because it left 30 mins for the next evolution which meant the time hack of 15 mins remained.
Thang 3 – Giles Corey
Giles Corey was accused of witchcraft at the Salem witch trials and famously refused to plead guilty or not guilty. To compel a plea, they put him under a board and added weight to it. Giles Corey never entered a plea and several times merely replied with “More weight.”
Added 10# to the ruck and did another mile (.5 out and back), added 10 more, and then do a final mile. The last .3 were running close to time so YHC moseyed it back to the parking lot, thoroughly spent, for shared COT/Coffeeteria with Armory PAX.
YHC decided that The Ridge will conclude with Armory for shared COT/Moleskin/etc. (Great idea @2Buck), but still wants to reserve this space in the backblast for the QIC to share their Moleskin in written form. So here's today's…
During the solo ruck, YHC considered the definition of a Ridge. Per Google, it's a “long narrow hilltop, mountain range, or watershed.” The Ridge is life. It has dips and rises. It has great heights and great lows. But the critical feature is that it's narrow. On one side is Order and on the other side is Chaos. Inspired by Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life, the Ridge represents a balance of both. Too much Order and we become robots. Too much Chaos and we become animals. Rucking is similar to that. Too fast and you'll burn out because the distance will win. Too slow and you'll grind to a halt because the weight will in. Same for F3. Each workout has that right amount of crazy that is controlled and harnessed by the QIC and the PAX. The Ridge is not short, and neither is life. The Ridge is not forgiving, and neither is life. The Ridge is not always fun or full of mirth, and neither is life. The Ridge is sometimes solo, and sometime so is life. But The Ridge will always deliver growth, progress, and fulfillment. And so does life.
SYITG, Cosmo (AKA Raptor as we discussed at Armory Coffeeteria)

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