The Ridge – 01.02.2021

The Ridge – 01
PAX: @Bogo, @Tiny Dancer, @Foosball, @Pre-K, @2Buck, Stag (2.0), @Hot Mic, @Heidi, Scout (Monster Mascot)
Q/YHC: @Cosmo
PAX gathered in the parking lot and exchanged some mumble chatter as YHC got his business together. Disclaimer was shared followed by an overview of the AO and the primary goal for the day: scout the AO, get some mileage, and get an average PAX pace for future use. Additional goal was to complete a modified Robbie Miller WOD consisting of…
12 Rounds
6 x Ruck Rows
6 x Squats
6 x 4 Count Mountain Climbers
Note: Throw in 6X Burpee Squats per round and tack on 2 miles on the back-end for the unmodified GoRuck version of what we did.
PAX completed a demo round before YHC got a little too excited and decided to head off into the night without any stretching. Oops. The PAX proceeded to ruck for approx 3.4ish miles until they hit Lowe's (now known as the Dogtrack) where they finished the remaining 11 rounds while waiting to see Scout go for a run inside. With the PT done, rucks were on and feet were moving back to the Armory with a mosey pace once the PAX turned onto Miles Johnson.
Back at Armory, finished off with some Mary before going into the…
Freedom, true freedom, is every man's birthright. It is endowed to every man through Him. Render unto Caesar, but never forget that Caesar is not your Lord and Savior. Here's the article I read from:
PAX then transitioned into COT with the Armory crew for a record breaking COT. Let's go, boys. It's Primetime.
Mileage: 4+ miles
Pace: 15:45 (Split the difference between @Bogo and @Hot Mic watches. My FitBit was way off)

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