The Citadel – 9.27.21

5 PAX  |  Dewey Conditions5 PAX kicked Monday in the gonads and patrol in a beatdown geared toward the Tussle. #preppedness@Corncob @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @Aflac @Olive and YHC
Light Yogging around the medical center and bank
– ssh, squats, arms of sorts, wmh, good morning
The Pit
Two areas big hill and slightly smaller hill, will be conquered with partners via Dora, then MOT to the other hill. (MOT: partner carry, wheel barrow). All exercises are qty:100Bh (MOT up the Hill, sprint up mosie down)
– Hand Release Merks
– Shoulder taps (4count)Sh (jump up, bear crawl down)
– Squat jumps (hand touches the ground)
– Surrenders
Mosie back to the pawking lot. For round of 10 pikes.
– Tussle is approaching
Prayer Request
– @ToeJam ‘s family as they welcome Baby Jorah
– All the PAX who are hurting and need uplifting at this time
  • @Olive’s back as he tweaked it during the beatdown
.Moleskin:- Viktor Frankl said: No matter what happens, we always possess the ability to decide what to make of our condition. The Stoic decides, so long as they’re living, whether they’ll carry on. Our will to be, our inner citadel, can never be breached by outside forces. It can be betrayed, it can be surrendered, but it can’t be broken.
– Often we can find ourselves lost, beatdown, and willing to give up. But we must remind ourselves, we control how we act in this moment. Which builds towards the next.
Foos out.

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