The Citadel – 9.20.21

4 PAX took the DRP and showed up for the Iron PAX Challenge today at #ao-the-citadel
PAX: @Corncob @Aflac @Night Light
QIC: @Heidi (1st F Q)
A few Merkins, squats, SSH, and stretches.
Iron PAX Challenge week 3, “B” the EMOM:
Set the timer for 2 minutes. Exercises to be done are:
  • 50 Kraken Burpees (3 hand release merkins to a burpee = 1)
  • 50 BDE burpees (burpee, to a Bonnie Blair/jumping lunge (1 on each leg), to a squat = 1)
  • 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunge (right leg-left leg= 1).
Here’s how it went down:
2 cones are set up approx. 50 yards apart. Workout starts at the cone. Start the timer. Begin 50 kraken burpees. When timer goes off, sprint to the other cone that is 50 yards away and continue with Kraken Burpees. For example, if you did 8 kraken burpees before the timer went off, when you get to the opposite cone, you start counting with the number 9. This continues until you finish all 50 kraken burpees. After finishing 50 Kraken Burpees, run one lap around the building (approx. 400 meters).
Upon completing 400 meters and returning to the cones, begin 50 BDE burpees. Same procedure as above. When you return, you start doing the BDE Burpees right away and when the timer goes off, you run to the other cone. After finishing 50 BDE Burpees, run two laps (800 meters).
Upon completing 800 meters and returning to the cones, begin 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunges (right leg-left leg = 1). When you return, you start doing the Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunges right away and when the timer goes off, you run to the other cone. After finishing 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping lunges, run three laps (1200 meters). You are done after completing 3 laps.
I think @Corncob finished the whole thing in about 6 minutes, so he can post his time to the IPC. The rest of us didn’t finish.
  • Convergence in Franklin this Saturday (9/25)
  • We have been asked to staff the Grey Ghost 5K in Spring Hill on 10/23. We need volunteers
  • Nolensville CSAUP (Gauntlet) is 10/30
  • TN Tussle is 11/06 – still need PAX to participate
  • @Blackout‘s mom
  • @Hot Mic (Tribute)‘s dad
  • @Chowdah – Community Outreach‘s M
  • My M
  • All of the sickness
Today’s moleskin was more of a confession. Lately, at home I have been a frustrated and angry dude, with a pretty sort fuse. I find myself getting on the kids constantly for something, especially Dark Knight. This really hit home Saturday night after I’d been on him, and when it was time for prayers and to say good night he told the M “don’t get dad”, because he was mad at me. I have to intentionally make an effort to start being kinder and more loving to my family.
SYITG, Heidi

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