The Citadel – 8.9.21

4 PAX | Impeccable Conditions
@Corncob @Pancreas (Nant’an) @Operation and QIC @Foosball
Warm o Rama
(March to The Pit)
Using cones to set up a rectangle. Two corners on the top of the hill and two cones on the bottom.
1) x3   1 person at a time. 10 Cindy merks, spring up the hill, bear crawl across, mosie down, and bear crawl across. Squats till the 6.
2) x3   Squat thrusters back peddle up, broad jump across, bear crawl down, and lung walk back. Clover pickers for the 6
3) x3  merks on single block alt back and forth, sprit up, broad jump across, bear crawl down, and karaoke (grape vine) across.
BIG Hill
x2 ea. partner back pedals up while patna 2 does shoulder press from ground.
sprint up the hill while partner 2 holds over head.
SOG-1 and F3 Dads were Great Successes
Crucible on the 21st (hydrate now)
Prayer Requests
prayers for Nora @Pre-K’s daughter who has croup.
Continued prayers for PAX who are sick, traveling, going through a tough season in life etc.
I recently listened to a piece from Jordan Peterson that discussed procrastination and conscientiousness. Great video, but the part that stuck with me is the aligning yourself to who you want to be then making the small steps to get there. Before F3, I didn’t know who I truly wanted to be as a father, as a friend. But surrounding myself with the PAX changed my life. Now o start each day with a growth opportunity, all building towards the betterment of each aspect of my life. Video below.
Foos out.

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