The Citadel – 8.23.21

11 HIM worked hard in the Gloom this morning to intentionally endure suffering for the sake of growth.
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Typical Pancreas-style Disclaimer and Warmarama
The Thang
With numerous first-timers at The Citadel, QiC pointed toward The Pit, where we often workout, and then promptly ran the opposite direction for the PAX to follow.
QiC led the PAX up the gravel hill toward the homes in Tollgate. At the top of the hill is a construction dumping site with piles of concrete chunks. There the PAX encountered numerous weighted objects:
Wheelbarrow loaded with concrete chunks
Slosh Pipe
2 full-size coupons
2 30# dumbbells
2 buckets each with 50# sand
1 bucket with a concrete chunk, estimated at 40-50#
2 50# bags of sand
1 60# sandbag
1 100# sandbag
(QiC would like to give credit and thanks to @Rudolph for lending a substantial amount of equipment to make this Q possible) :smiley:
Each of the PAX chose an object and transported it to the paved hill nearby, with a simple routine:
Start at stop sign carrying an object, move as quickly as possible up the hill to the street lamp, turn around and go down the hill to the stop sign.
After each round, the PAX rotated through the objects, with the goal that each of the PAX would transport every object at least once – particularly the wheelbarrow and slosh pipe.
Between rounds, the PAX did various “recovery” exercises of Al Gore, shoulder taps, merkins, burpees, flutter kicks (@Cross-Stitch didn’t know when to stop), and a sprint up the hill and back
Oh, and @Winger (Bill Diebenow) made sure to stop and check in to his Southwest flight tomorrow morning
After all rounds, the PAX returned the objects to the dump zone and ran back to the cars for COT. Great work, men!
@Hot Mic Tribute kicks off the new #ao-tribute tomorrow morning!
Queen 05 starts soon. Talk with @2Buck and/or check the #queen channel for details
@ToeJam ‘s meal train for his family still needs one more meal – Wednesday 8/25

@PrimeTime Kwame and @Cross-Stitch traveling today/this week. Prayers for @PrimeTime Kwame’s M and family without him this week
@Chowdah – Community Outreach recovering from sickness
All F3SH PAX who are dealing with sickness, injury, and/or discouragement
Residents of Waverly recovering from the flood
COVID situation in general, locally and everywhere

My two girls like to wrestle, but it is not like how boys/guys tend to wrestle. They like to jab, twist, poke, punch, pinch, pull, and do various other pain-inducing moves that aren’t always pleasant. In turn, I haven’t always had the best attitude about engaging in these times with them, even though they ask me frequently. I try, but often don’t enjoy being what I refer to as their “punching bag”, and I can be grumpy and try to avoid these moments. Yet, I was convicted recently thinking about the important role a father plays in showing proper affection and physical attention to children, both girls and boys. I remember hearing the stats and stories about children (especially girls) who can go searching for affection, love, security, affirmation, etc. from the wrong sources as they get older. I made a new resolution that I need to practice self-sacrifice and willingly endure the suffering of temporary pain and discomfort for the benefit of my girls and our relationship.
This was also a good reminder about our roles as men and Christ-followers. If you’re anything like me, you may often want the gain without the pain, the blessing without the suffering. I want the results, but the easy way, without the hard work or challenge. And I want to grow more mature in the Lord and become more Christ-like, but I somehow think that will magically happen easily on its own. Rather, Philippians 3:10-11 says:
“I want to know Christ – yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining the resurrection from the dead.”
God’s Word teaches us that we know Christ and become like him through the means of suffering. So as men, let’s embrace those opportunities here on earth to suffer and die to ourselves, for the sake of serving our M’s, 2.0’s, and others around us – and to become more like Christ – who suffered dearly for our eternal benefit.
I had a great time suffering with you brothers this morning. Thank you, as usual, for enduring my style of leadership. #hardlove
SYITG, Pancreas

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