The Citadel – 8-2-21

9 PAX showed up! We started the week attempting* to do something really tough that @Offsides so nicely spelled out (I'm trying to think of a new name) called he11 mile. We did not finish. We may have needed an extra 15-20 mins. It was great work, and I'm thankful for everyone who showed up! It's something I found in trying to plan previous aos and I thought it would be an exciting thing to work towards accomplishing.
PAX: @Heidi (1st F Q) @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @shocker @MapQuest @Offsides @Joey Freshwater @Olive @Cross-Stitch (Q)
Warmo: lots of leg stretches standing and on the 6
Thang: .25 bear crawl .03 jog
.25 lunge walk .03 jog
.25 broad jump .03 jog
What we were supposed to finish on, but got caught with time
.25 crawl bear .03 jog
I didn't have my phone out yet for announcements, but I know the csup rucking event is coming up. Then there is another one coming later in the month.
Prayer Requestz:
@Soul Glo – family is just going through a storm right now. Mother, 2.0 with Covid. Prayer for strength and comfort
@Blackout – bring that baby into the world today!!
Continue praying for @Chowdah – Community Outreach and the M
 @noblevirus – has covid – pray for recovery
 General prayer for the hospital staff and for people to be able to withstand this wave.
Today was the ending of my first week back to dedicating time in the morning to God and to the word. I read the guys day 7 of my devotional called the making of a disciple. I'll share screen shots rather than stealing the words.
Thank you to the men who showed! Contrary to popular belief, I had a lot of fun today!

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