The Citadel – 7.26.2021

Tollgate | 3 PAX | Conditions were Beautiful
@Rudolph @Corncob and @foosball (QIC)
Starting at reps of 10. Perform each exercises, sprint down and mosie back. Increased by 5 reps ea round, up to 25 reps ea. 10 shoulder taps between rounds.
Coming down the ladder, we bear crawled halfway down and back, then Moised down and back.
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Merks
  • MTN Climbers
  • Squat Jumps
  • Pikes
Something bout Mary
  • Captain Thors (to 10-40)
  • plank for time
  • @Ginsu @Cosmo – ComzQ and @Rudolph kick ass for their rucking event over the weekend
  • Check slack for other items
Pray requests
  • continued prayers for @Yaris and @Chowdah’s wife
  • Other items in slack.
  • how you do anything is how you do everything
It’s easy to push ourselves once we’re in the gloom, because of each other. Now it’s on us to continue that Movement toward Advantage in all areas of our life. I know, at times, have used the excuse of early morning workouts as a way to let off the throttle in work or fatherly responsibilities. But it isn’t a hindrance, but a launching pad.
Go forth, be better, do better.

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