The Citadel – 2.7.22

Pax: @Casanova @Winger  @Foosball (The Standard, Citadel) @Monte Cristo @Cornholio @Paperboy @Aflac @Joey Freshwater
FNGs: 0
Q: @Blackout
Count: 9
Warmarama: good mornings, Willie Mays Hayes into runners stretch, high knees
1. Run around building 2x. Long side Mosey, short side sprint.
2. 40 2 Count Flutter kicks followed by 20 Count box (bench) jumps. 4 rounds
3. 30 Count big boys followed by a lap around the building. Long sideMosey, short side karaoke. 3 rounds
4. Mosey to the pit. 30 2 Count American Hammers at the bottom of hill, run up, 20 Count jump squats at the top. Most Pax completed 5-7 rounds. I think @Foosball (The Standard, Citadel) did 50 rounds.
5. PAX choice Mary at the top of the hill. We completed 6 rounds before time was called. Mosey back to parking lot for COT.
Check #_announcements
Prayer Requests:
Prayers for @Paperboy sister. Healing after accident
Continued prayers for @MapQuest, his M, and family
I recently attended a luncheon where Peter Goodwin, founder and ceo of groovelife, was the guest speaker.
One of my favorite takeaways from his conversation.
• Do your best with what God has provided for you. Peter’s example, God gave him a silicone ring, not a rocket like Elon Musk. Not the most glamorous product, but he has strived and succeeded to make a thriving company from silicone rings.
God gives us all different gifts, talents, resources. Do your best and honor God with everything he has provided you.
Thank you for allowing me to lead you today. I hope everyone enjoyed the blackout coldbrew! In unrelated news, I got home and found the heating element on my coffee pot was turned off!

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