The Citadel – 12.27.21

4 PAX | Slightly Overcast
@Pancreas @Commodore @Winger (Bill Diebenow) and YHC
Warm o Rama
Dynamic Foosy Warm o Rama – if you don't know what this is, see you at #battalion this week
THANG – Pyramid de Tollgate
(perform an exercise then take a short lap, perform exercises #1, then #2…. etc)
12 Burpees
75 Mountain Climbers
10 lung hops
25 Star Crunches
25 Plank jacks
25 Star Jumps
@Pancreas requested 75 star jumps, we told him to get lost.
Alternating Foosies for time
Big Boy
ROughnecks getting after it later (on Monday) they have already gotten after it when this was written.
New AO this week lead by the man himself @MapQuest
Prayer Request
Winger's M for carrying a cold for the past week
Pancreas and M with their oldest. Praying that God gives them strength and clarity on directing, but also for their 2.0 to feel motivated, to grow into the person You've meant her to be.
Immanuel means God With Us. As we look to set 22' goals, remind yourself that He is with you. You are meant to be big strong, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Don't set you goals too low. I know I tend too, as for the fear of failure. But FAIL!! Do not be afraid to. Just know with God and the accountability of F3, you'll be a lot less likely to.

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