The Citadel – 11.08.21

7 HIM helped me through my TN Tussle recovery this morning. There was more than 0 running. But not much more.
PAX: @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Tiny Dancer @Soul Glo @Corncob @Aflac @Cross-Stitch @Operation
FNGs: None
Q: @Operation
Lunges, Stretches, BACs. Mosey to the Pit.
Partner/Team up for Dora of
100 Atomic Merkins
200 WWIs
300 2-ct J-Los
MoT is Crawl Bear up the big hill, mosey back down. Politician instead of crawl bear every other trip up the hill.
Finishers hill sprint until all-in.
Mosey back to start
M2FJS2FRNR for time
(Merkins to failure Jump Squats to Failure Rinse N Repeat)
@Reset VQ this Wednesday at Fort Pain
Honoring veterans workout Armory and Darkhorse 11/13
New F3 region in Columbia, opening ceremony is 11/20 at Darkhorse
TurkeyPATH on Thanksgiving day morning. Keep eye on Slack for details.
Christmas parade 12/11
Prayer Requests
@Foosball (3rdFQ) for wisdom about new job opportunity
@Operation 2.0 – see #f3dads
@Soul Glo 2.0s being sick
@Corncob shoulder surgery, to be scheduled
@Tiny Dancer’s M’ health, his new position at work
We think of the spiritual enemy as someone who constantly sends up temptations to sin against God and our fellow man. While that may be the case, the really devious thing Satan does is send us the innocuous, the seemingly good things to keep us distracted from his work. It’s easy to keep your armor up against the frontal attacks of obvious sin-based temptations. But we also need to keep our eyes on our sides, or we find ourselves spending so much time at work that we can’t be an effective spiritual leader in the home. Or we may be too focused on getting in shape to maintain a healthy relationship with the father. Or we may be distracted by things to amuse us like movies, games, books, sports, etc. None of these things are inherently bad, but when they start to creep over our whole lives they can push out time spent on growing spiritually and on pouring into others. The enemy’s goal is to dull you into inaction.
Op Out

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