The Cavalry – 1.14.22

Five HIM came out to challenge themselves and encourage each other on a great run this morning!

PAX: @Rudolph @F3-Mary Ann @Oscar Mayer @Gouda @Chowdah

F3 Disclaimer and 5 Core Principles

Warmup on your own

Run: we broke off into two groups, Respect Group (5k) and the Young Guns (10k) for a great run. Plan was out and back. Great work everyone!

Announcements: check slack
Prayers: @F3-Mary Ann Thankful for our prayers and had a great meeting with his son!

Moleskin: Life is about making daily choices. Make smart choices for your family and you. Pray for God to work on your heart so you can make the correct choice. Balance your decisions and choices. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

Have a great weekend men!

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