The Battle Of Fort Pain! – 7.15.2020

13 PAX got stronger this morning playing capture the flag at the historic Battle Of Fort Pain! The Armory had encroached upon our territory and planted their flag, and the battle ensued by the 2 teams trying to out-exercise each other.
PAX: @Lone Star, @Cosmo, @Rudolph, @Ron Swanson, @Three’s Company, @Pancreas, @Toastmaster, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Hot N Ready, @Tiny Dancer, @Foosball, and FNG Chess Club
Q: Heidi
A handful of WMH, GM, SSH, and Squats to get us going.
Q then split the group into 2 teams and attempted to explain how his grand vision of Capture The Flag would work. Turns out I didn't do such a great job.
There were 2 flags, one at each end of the Field Of Pain, each team would gather around their flag and perform the following:
4 rounds of:
– 25 Merkins
– 25 Iron Mike's
– 25 American Hammers
– 25 Burpees
Then mosey to south pavilion for 50 dips (we instead went to the pavilion between the flags, which probably worked out better for time)
Mosey to the other team's flag
Repeat the 4 rounds of Merkins, Iron Mikes, American Hammers, and Burpees

About halfway through the first set, @Pancreas decided to show up. I guess he wanted to give us all a 20 minute head start.
We made it through about the second set at flag #2, where Q called time and the 2 teams took the flags and converge in the middle of the Field Of Pain, where we had enough time for a couple of rounds of the following:
– Run from the flags to the tree (which tree???) at the end of the FOP, then 25 Big Boy Situps
– Run back to the flags for 25 Freddie Mercuries
@Foosball has the Q at Fort Pain next week.
The following week will be the inaugural Fort Pain 5K, as a precursor to Crucible
Crucible is August 1st ( 2 1/2 weeks from today!)
Pancreas is hosting a Crucible planning session tomorrow night, RSVP if you plan on coming so TD will have enough birthday cake (I'm still working on that…)
Prayers for illnesses and family issues for several of us.
Prayers for our country, our health, and the healing of hearts and minds throughout this crazy time.
Man, that workout was a lot harder than it looked on paper, and took a lot longer too. The Battle Of The Flags was only half of what I had planned, so that means I've got a good one stored up for later!
SYITG! Heidi

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