The Armory – 9.26.20

0530 Pre-party run: @Peewee @Tiny Dancer @Kwame @Lone Star and YHC
0600 Beatdown
15 strong (16, including @Tiny Dancer's pre-party run. Kudos for the push at the end!) endured this morning and all got stronger.
@spit valve @ragdoll @Kwame @Peewee @Joey Freshwater @Dizzy Gillespie @Lone Star @Ron Swanson @MacGruber @Heidi @Three’s Company @Hot N Ready @Timeshare @Mountain Mamma (welcome FNG) Pancreas QiC
Good mornings
Jump squat axe chopper thingies
Side swings/windmills
Dumb & Dumbers (put some effort into it, Joey!)
SSH Medley – Regular, Press Jacks, Seal Jacks
Ring of fire: bear crawl, Merkins, Bear Crawl, mtn. climbers, Crawl Bear, Froggy Mtn. Climbers
HIM Skips across parking lot
John Maddens…I mean, John WOODENS across PL, switch sides at halfway point
The Creek…I mean, The DITCH is Lava: Hand-release burpee + lateral jump over the red-hot molten lava in the ditch. x20, then plank and wait.
@Dizzy Gillespie special: Alabama Prom Date medley
Marching APD's
J-Lo APD's, aka Orange Beach APD's, aka Gulf Shores APD's, aka FloraBama APD's
Surrenders on one side + 4 lateral shuffles
Plank Up-Downs on other side + 4 lateral plank shuffles back the opposite direction
@Ron Swanson indicated I may have over-explained. Entirely possible.

V-Ups and Reach for the Sky Toe Touches until Q said stop
Ragdoll Kicks: 10 total, alternating sides. Then 10 more on each side.
Partner work: 1 minute each, then alternate exercises
Single-leg WMH squats with lateral hop-step, sponsored by @Kwame and @Joey Freshwater’s Silver Sneakers aerobics class
Single-arm merkins with lateral plank shuffle

Partner work at the monkey bars:
Hanging knee raises x40
Planking raisin pickers with alternate leg raise until partner 1 finishes, then switch
Partner work on the grass: @Timeshare asked for 2-minute intervals, then alternate exercises:
Sumo Iron Mikes
Starfish Merkins
Circle up for the 8 Minute Burpee, set to Explosions in the Sky, “Your Hand in Mine”. Props to @Lone Star for naming the song. A true Texan.
1 minute: continuous hops with arms to the sky
2 minutes: Al Gore
1 minute: high plank
1 minute: low Merkin hold just above the ground
1 minute: high plank
2 minutes: Al Gore.
6:59 meant we had one moment left for an all-out sprint across the parking lot to LOCK IN our gains for the morning. Kudos to @Lone Star and @Ron Swanson for going PLAID mode.
All of the PAX pushed it this morning. Great work and some fun mumblechatter along the way. I had a moment of gratitude in the final Al Gore of the 8MB looking around the circle seeing this group of Brothers in Arms pushing toward the finish together.
@Lone Star is now Site Q of Armory! Congrats and let the Champagne of Beers flow! You've been with F3SH since day 1 and bring so much to the PAX. We're grateful for you!
– YHC will be taking ownership of Murph Monday so expect to be EH'd and look for some ways to mix it up going forward. Just HC now and show up.
– 24-hour marathon, sponsored by @Kwame Holdings, Inc. is coming November 13th at 6pm. Check Slack for video with more details and don't have your kids with you as you watch.
– 2nd F opportunity tonight with F3 Nolensville. @Heidi may be going if you're interested. They're a great group of guys and I encourage you to go if you are available

@Dizzy Gillespie 's friend Mark, who just lost both of his parents
@Heidi 's M's cousin and family in Alabama recovering from the hurricane
@Ron Swanson 's M's Uncle Craig – healing from cancer
Andrus family in CA grieving the loss of Jonathan (motorcycle accident)
Praying for all of the HIM who are still battling injury, sickness, and/or discouragement. Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Probably the first and last time that “The NeverEnding Story” will be used in F3 moleskin. The scene toward the end where Atreyu confronts Gmork the wolf. Despair is consuming the planet in the form of The Nothing. People are without hope, those without hope are easy to control, and who has the control has the power.
This reminds me of the very real spiritual battle we face as the Enemy attempts constantly to steal, kill, and destroy. We see hopelessness in many elements of the culture and world today, and we know it's not going to get better. YET, we HIM have hope in Jesus Christ for this life and eternity. As HIM, we are agents of light to bring hope into this dark world, sharing with others the good news of Jesus and the living hope that we have in our Lord and Savior.
I encourage you to look up verses on HOPE this weekend. There are many of them, and may you be encouraged by the truth of God's Word. I shared a few this morning:
Isaiah 40:31
Romans 5:4
Hebrews 6:19
Psalm 147:11
I'll sign-off with this one: “(and for this we labor and strive), that we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, and especially of those who believe.” 1 Timothy 4:10
Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning, brothers! One final kudos to @Heidi who consistently brings coffee for us all to enjoy. Many thanks, brother!

Pancreas out

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