The Armory – 2.06.21

20 HIMs including me for my VQ and it was an honor. You guys and the support I knew I would get made it easy.
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Good mornings
Arm circles
Runners stretch arm up twist
Groin hamstring
Imperial walkers
Mosey to Start at cross walk
Navigate the track couner clockwise alternating MOT
Bear crawl
Lunge walk
Crab walk -it was somewhere around here where I heard the first grumbling (mostly because I wasn't listening).
Stop at Pull up bars
10 pull ups
20 Big boys
Continue Track all the way back to Pavillion
Billy Madison 12 of #1 mosey to bridge and back, 12 of #1 and #2, mosey to bridge and back, 12 of #1, #2, and #3, mosey ect….
To keep Pax together call  summer break as needed plank shoulder touches til the 6.
1. SSH
2. Tricep dips
3. Squats – summer break
4. Flutter kicks
5. Bicycle kicks
6. Crunches – summer break
7. Mountain climbers- Somewhere around here I was asked why there was so much exercise in my Q, but I rebuked that in Jesus name.
8. J-los
9. Merkins -summer break, someone pointed out summer breaks were supposed to be relaxing but that is only for good kids. We obviously had to make up credits in summer school. Dark Night says summer breaks were over too soon. I agree.
10. Burpees
Most didn't notice (or they were being nice) that I only had 10 grades instead of 12. It worked out with time drawing near to do extra burpees and skip the last two grades.
10 graduation burpees
Mosey back to circle
1 leg APD 10 each
WWI 10
American hammers 30
Feet 6″ off pavement until time
Mole skin- God told Joshua to lead after Moses died.
Joshua 1:9
 Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Leadership isn't just guys like Moses, Joshua, MLK, Generals, presidents, or even pastors.
My pastor mentioned looking for examples of famous leaders. He realized the guy picking up trash, the welcome lady being 30 minutes early to her post. A leader setting an example doesn't have to be a grand gesture. You can set the example for people around you with the smallest decisions everyday.
I apologize, I did not take notes on this part. Please leave in the comments if you need to.
@Peewee is taking Q for Murph Monday
Prayer requests
Family loss @Timeshare and safe travel
@Rudolph sick family
@Dizzy Gillespie  family friend passed away.
My mom in the hospital.
@Jalisco sister had a  baby!!
It was an honor to be with you this morning and thanks again for all the support.
Full stop

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