The Armory – 10.17.2020

10 total HIM braved the frosty gloom this morning! We had 3 for the preparty. @Chowdah got there early and @Pancreas and @Dizzy Gillespie pulled in right at 5:30. After a brisk 2 mile warmup we met @Ron Swanson @Bogo @Heidi @Lone Star @spit valve @Operation @Heidi for a wonderfully fun beat down.
25 side straddle hops
5 merkins
Hamstring stretches
5 good mornings
Willie Mays Hayes

Mosey you’re the flag pole for

Thang 1
25 iron mikes
Lungs walk 1/2 way around flag
25 merkins
Plank walk right
25 Carolina Drydocks
Bear crawl right
25 squats
Broad jump right
25 jump squats
Side shuffle left, side shuffle right
(Here I decided was a great opportunity to insert some motivation for the PAX “you can do it”)
25 calf raises, 25 wide calf raises, 25 duck calf raises
25 merkins
Plank walk right. Go LEFT!
25 squats
Duck walk

Mosey to the end of the walking bridge for the most anticipated part of the frosty morning

Thang 2
RUN burpee RUN!!
It’s a burpee ladder: 1 burpee run 262 feet 1 burpee and RNR up the ladder to 5
(@Chowdah was having loads of fun at this point.)

Time to caterpillar until failure toward the gazeebo. It was farther along than I thought so we bear crawled to failure. Then with a long way still to go we decided to mosey the rest of the way.

Thang 2
Partner up!
100 merkins
100 dips
100 squats
1 partner planks while the other partner does 10 reps of each and flip flop. Flip flopping back and forth until team reaches 100

Mosey to parking lot and hold Al Gore until YHC decide to make it a bouncy Al Gore. Once everyone failed we did 2 minutes of Flutter Kicks.

WarPath coming up on the 31st. Let @Pancreas know if you can go and we will plan to carpool
F3 Franklin is doing a 2.0 camping trip soon @Tiny Dancer should be posting details

Prayer Requests
@2Buck travel mercies and clear decisions for the future
Pray for @Tiny Dancer and his family
Pray for @Rudolph as he does the Franklin CSAUP
@Operation still recovering. It was great to see you back at it today man! Way to stick with it!!

Had a blast this morning guys! @Dizzy Gillespie OUT!

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