The Armory – 07.18.2020

13 Pax for an epic beatdown this morning in honor of our wounded HIM @Pancreas, who called in two pinch hitters to take the Q today. Although he was under the weather, he may have gotten off easy depending on who you ask after the beatdown…
@ragdoll @Operation @Lone Star @Toastmaster @Dizzy Gillespie @Ron Swanson @spit valve @Cosmo @Heidi @Three’s Company @peewee (?) @Tiny Dancer and YHC all agreed to get better in the gloom. 
30 minutes with me (leg-focused of course), 30 minutes with Tiny Dancer (upper body guru).
5 good mornings
10 SSHs (only 10, Kwame?)
Willie Mays Hays
Runners stretch

The Thang:
Mosey 1/2 way around park
50 squats
Mosey full loop
Failure to Launch (everyone got to take turns with the countdown, some faster than others. Thanks @Heidi for the super fast count)
Mosey half loop, grab water
@Ron Swanson got the choice of whats next: Pistol Squats or Suicide Squats (or murder squats apparently)- he chose Suicides squats x10
At this point the legs were burning so one more loop with a hallway stop to do 50 calf raises on the playground bumpers, then half lap to finish in parking lot for TD…

“Do we just go until exhaustion?”- @ragdoll, approximately 30 seconds after TD got tagged in and explains pull-up apocalypse
TD tags in

Mosey to swing-sets. PAX find their pull-up stations for a modified pull-up apocalypse:
1 pull-up
5 burpees
10 merkins
Flutter kicks for the six
(After each set the # of pull-ups increased by 1 until we completed 10 sets)
Rock n Roll Doctor – Little Feat
Rosanna – Toto
My Shot – Hamilton
No Easy Way Out – Rocky IV
Mosey to parking lot for shuttle runs (2 speed bumps) – we broke into 3 groups for social distancing. Each PAX got two turns.

crucible is 8/1
Uprising is Tuesday. Post at the running AO’s to prepare for Crucible!
Prayer Requests:
Too many to remember, but here goes: @Kwame’s mom and sister, @ragdoll’s family, the upcoming school year and uncertainty, @Pancreas, Megan
no stand-arounds, both at F3 workouts and in life 
Life is short, focus on the eternal
1 Peter 5:10
Matthew 6:33 – “Seek ye therefore first the Kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Great work men! We definitely accelerated today!

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