The Armory – 01.02.2021

13 HIM braved the gloom and got stronger this morning at #the-armory. @Pancreas @Chowdah @Fertile Myrtle @danica @Mulligan @Ron Swanson  @ThrowMomma @Frappy @Red Rocket @Ripcord @Kwame @Three’s Company and YHC @Dizzy Gillespie
We gathered in a broken circle close to the cars for the welcome and the disclaimer. Then we did a mosey over to a big empty part of the parking lot to spread out for some warming up.

22 SSH
5 merkins
Runners stretch on both sides
@Kwame led cadence for 10 low slow squats
~10 karate kids each side (fighting position and a 2 count high kick)
10 tuck jumps
We did a dizzy mosey (a slower than normal mosey) to the Christmas tree and circled up.
5 merkins followed by a side spider walk with 5 more merkins
Hold al gore followed by a duck walk. YHC finally caught my breath again so we moseyed for thang 1

The dreaded Burpee Ladder!!! Run burpee Run!! Or Burpee Pocalypse

We did burpees in succession. Then we did more. Here’s the idea:

1 burpee at the end of the Big Bridge run to the tiny Troll Bridge and do another burpee. Go back for more all the way up to 10.

In total we did 110 burpees and ran 1/2 mile. @Kwame said he hated me (my life is now complete) and @Ron Swanson underestimated how easy this would be. I got lost in conversation with @Chowdah and we ran a bit to catch up with the now planking PAX.

@Fertile Myrtle took this moment to remind me that I said to leave the water behind. This is proof that we all make mistakes. So we moseyed back to the water bottles and numbered off. Someone was late coming back and got confused about numbers. We did 5 more burpees to clear everything up.
We split into two groups and partnered up and ran to the gazebo.

Bear Crawl Relay
Partner 1 bear crawled around the big tree and back while partner two did work. Flip flop for 100 dips, 200 merkins, and 300 squats.

We had a few minutes left. Everyone was standing around breathing but YHC wanted to make sure we got the most out of the morning.

On your 6 for 21 of the following
Flutter kicks
And then someone said burpees so we did 5 more.

COT as a group was awesome and you guys ROCKED it!! Welcome FNGs @danica and @Mulligan !

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