The 12-Miler – 3.13.21

QIC: @Cosmo
PAX: @Lone Star, @Foosball, @Ginsu
Met up at Armory at about 6:50 to stretch and get our gear straight. From there we pushed out at 7:00, carrying a 60# sandbag with us. As a party of four, that Sandbag got old real quick, so we opted to ditch it at TD’s house along the way. That little detour added some mileage.
We took our first break at mile 7 near Publix. Next break was much quicker at Evans Park.
Eventually got back to Armory at approximately 10:30-10:40ish with 12 miles logged.
Tons of great mumble chatter and stories. Join us next time and you might get some.
SYITG, Cosmo

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