Swamp-TRAPP – 3.25.21

15 of the PAX showed up for a flash flood run (possibly a record showing?), and I learned a little bit about how easy it can be to get split up out there. I thought we lost @Kwame
@2Buck, @ToeJam, @Joey Freshwater, @MaryAnne, @Winger (Bill Diebenow), @sack, @Heidi, @Operation, @Threeā€™s Company, @Kwame, @Bogo, @Frisbee Buff, @Chowdah, @Sully, and Q @Cross-Stitch
5 Good morning's
Willy Mays Hays R&L
35 body (air) squats šŸ˜‰
Headed out for a 20 Ā minute run up sunrise and through the typical trail route, and then turned around for the 20 minute run back to the COT. Kept it pretty simple today!
Every one is going to CONVERGENCE Saturday
TD is the Q tomorrow!
Prayer request:
Continued prayer for @odouls
2. @Peewee's daughter and her splinter/infection
@Joey Freshwater's son's been doing better
Talking about lessons that had to be learned by Joseph – Jesus' step-father in Ancient Israel.
Measure Twice, Cut once
Wood was scares in ancient israel, so as a carpenter Joseph and Jesus had to make sure they took the time to get all of their cuts right.
proceed with caution and anticipation
– Thinking ahead prevents a lot of trouble: income (budgeting), physical health (fitness & eating healthier), spiritual growth (spending time reading, praying, worshipping)
2. Use the right tools for Job
You wouldn't try to drill a hole with a Maul
Don't use anger when understanding is called for
Jesus wasn't afraid to let his tool be love and compassion to bring people to him and encourage them.
3. Take care of your tools – you are going to depend on them
To be the best at your job, you have to take care of the tools you're given: at your job this could be a computer, wrench, or phone – it is our responsibility
we are given tools like prayer, meditation, fasting, worship, and praise (especially the Bible)
In Christ, every man is a worker, and that can be mentoring the next generation. Your duty is to pass along these skills/tools
We have the tools and resources we need! Work for God with your head, hands, and heart! Can't go wrong.

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