Spring ‘21 F3 Kwambine – 5.01.21

26 pax got better and HAD FUN today at the Kwambine:
@Jalisco @Cosmo @Timeshare @anklebracelet @Operation @Mulligan @Tiny Dancer @Rudolph @mantis @Mike Leak @Yo-Yo @Lone Star @Foosball @Hot Mic @Pancreas @‘88 @2Buck @Tooth Fairy @Ron Swanson @circusole @Singlet @gagaball (FNG) @Three’s Company  @Dizzy Gillespie @clarice (FNG)

Warmarama: Several showed up for the 30-minute pre stretch to get nice and loose for the stations, and I gotta say it was a joy to watch @Cosmo in motion. One word to describe his attempt at running high knees? Poetry.

The Thang: 6 stations, all to mimic the NFL Combine drills-
– 40 yard dash (50 LBCs in addition)
– 20-yard shuttle (50 2-ct flutter kicks)
– Broad jump (50 Freddie Mercurys)
– Bench press (50 2-ct American hammers)
– 3-Cone drill (50 WWII sit-ups)
– Vertical jump (50 2-ct J Los)

The following are the medal winners for today (with some bonus winners as well)
40 yard dash
:first_place_medal: @Tooth Fairy (5.09)
:second_place_medal: @Foosball (5.20)
:third_place_medal: @gagaball (FNG- 5.34)
20 yard shuttle
:first_place_medal: @Tooth Fairy (4.82)
:second_place_medal: @Foosball (4.87)
:third_place_medal: @clarice (FNG- 4.93)
Broad Jump
:first_place_medal: @Tooth Fairy (8’ 2”)
:second_place_medal: @clarice (FNG- 7’ 9”)
:third_place_medal: @Foosball and @Rudolph (7’ 5”)
3-Cone Drill
:first_place_medal: @clarice (FNG- 8.15)
:second_place_medal: @Foosball (8.19)
:third_place_medal: @Kwame (8.28)
Bench Press
:first_place_medal: @Tooth Fairy (36 reps)
:second_place_medal: @clarice (FNG- 27 reps)
:third_place_medal: @‘88 (26 reps)
Vertical Jump
:first_place_medal: @Tooth Fairy (25”)
:second_place_medal: @Mike Leak (21”)
:third_place_medal: @clarice (FNG- 20”)
:third_place_medal: @Singlet (20”)
Most improved-
– @Three’s Company went from 18 to 21 reps on the bench press
– @Dizzy Gillespie more than doubled his reps on the bench press
– @Lone Star and @2Buck increased their broad jump by half a foot :foot:
– And finally we had 7 (7!) pax beat @Dangle ‘s 40 yard dash record. Consider that a challenge for the next Kwambine, @Dangle !

– Open House week!!!! Plan to attend as many as you can this week
– Neighborhood black Ops- some have already happened, try to plan as many as you can this week
– Movie night tonight for those that RSVP’d

– @Tiny Dancer coworker who has bad effects from covid, pray for full and quick recovery
– @Tiny Dancer M’s work building collapsed. No injuries, pray to get that cleaned up and up again
– @stag’s back pain, pray for healing
– @‘88’s family travel back home. Thank you for your leadership and pray they make it back home safely today.

Moleskin: Today I challenge the pax to think of what F3 means to you. Not only what it means but what it does for you. Now think about what an impact it would have on the community if you were to bring one person to experience F3 this week at our Open House what that could mean. We all have the ability and we all have the responsibility of bringing men into our ranks to encourage and promote leadership. Let’s all put our best foot forward this week to make it happen!

On a personal note, this event is so much fun for me! It’s not a traditional workout or bootcamp, but it’s fun to do something different and I appreciate being able to lead y’all through this. Looking forward to this twice a year event (Spring and Fall). Until next time!

SYITG, Kwame

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