Snow Standard – 2.18.21

Snow Standard (unsanctioned)
AO: 2800 Tweed Pl. (Hamburger Hill)
Pax: @Foosball YHC
@Foosball: 2 mile ruck from house to AO
YHC: 1.2 mile ruck from house to AO
20 SSH
10 merkins
10 squats
12 BACs
12 back BACs
Buy in: 30 snow burpees
Thang 1: 2 man Dora
mode of transportation for non-workout partner: bear crawl ruck throw 30 yds up hill to sidewalk, 30 Merkins, bear crawl ruck throw 30 yds down hill to start
cumulative workouts for working out partner: 75 ruck getups, 70 Arnold presses, 40 one arm squats
Thang 2: Tennessee triplets (1 min on, 15 secs off; 3 rounds of each exercise in alternating fashion, then move on to the next pair; all with ruck):
burpees, WW1’s
squats, merkins
8 count body builders, flutter kicks
burpees, reverse lunges
Thang 3: Storming of Hamburger Hill
there is a HUGE hill (total surprise) behind the pool house that extends for about 50 yards at about a 60-80 degree grade (total estimates). Not sure what the elevation gain is, maybe @Foosball has the deets from his Strava. In any case, it sucked going up, but it was a great butt-sled ride to the bottom.
Post party:
ruck home
#musclebeach may be virtual tomorrow. While port Royal is drivable @Foosball and I are pretty snowed in at our respective houses. Stay tuned.
@Foosball’s neighbors, Donna and Dennis.
when you fast or sacrifice, remember to pray/ focus on God during the times of suffering. Matt. 6:1-18. For His glory alone!
Great fellowship, @Foosball!!! I’ve been very blessed by your friendship!
TD out

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