Run, Burpee, Run! Fort Pain – 12.02.2020

9 PAX showed up at Fort Pain this morning to stare the gloom straight in the eye and say, “Get out of my way, there's work to do.” Q came rolling in HOT with about 2 minutes to spare before starting the workout.
PAX: @Kwame, @2Buck, @Tiny Dancer, @Foosball, @Three’s Company, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Cosmo, @Operation
QIC: Heidi
WMH and leg stretches
Arm Circles
10 SSH
10 Merkins
Today's beatdown was brought to you by 2 exercises: running and burpees. Simple, but not easy.
25 burpee buy in
PAX moseyed to Fort Pain entrance where we would then mosey towards to PeeWee's Playhouse, with 4 burpee stations along the way, doing 10 burpees at each station. Q allowed for PAX choice of WW II's or Flutter Kicks while waiting on the six.
At the playhouse, after a 10 count rest, PAX moseyed back to Fort Pain entrance with 4 burpee stations along the way, doing 10 burpees at each station.
(If you're doing the math at home, that's 80 burpees per round trip)
That was fun, so we attempted another lap, but only got in 7 burpee stations before running out of time.
Then there was the 25 burpee cash out!
Great job PAX! We ran almost 1.5 miles and did 200 burpees! That's a Fort Pain record!
@Chowdah has his VQ at the Armory this Sat!
12/11 is our year end 2nd F get together. Tentatively at TD's house, unless we find a suitable location still open with the pandemic numbers on the rise. Final location TBD closer to the date.
Prayer Requests
Mike Fennema recovering from his bike accident. Praise that his condition is stabilized and he's coming out of ICU, but prayers for future healing and the long road ahead for him and his family
Fooseball has a big presentation this Friday with a lot riding on it for him and his company!
Kwame's job situation while balancing family and the kids schooling from home.
I didn't have anything prepared for a Moleskin this morning. Q woke up 20 minutes late and was barely able to get there on time. At least I remembered the coffee. Shout out to @2Buck for bringing coffeeteria supplies! Much appreciated!
Great work today gentlemen! The hard part is over, now go crush your Wednesday!

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